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Month: August 2014

Space Dust Racing (Unreal Engine 4) Arcade Vehicle Physics Tour

I’ve had a few people ask how we’re approaching our vehicle/car/kart/buggy physics (whatever you want to call them) for Space Dust Racing within Unreal Engine 4.

In this video I run through the general principles at a high level (no code, blueprints or formulas) to achieve our bouncy cartoon vehicle handling.

I start with a simple collision box, then add suspension, accelerating and braking, turning, traction, tweak the center of mass, add a visual mesh on top and finally show the end result.

The same principles can be used in any game engine with a physics component (Unity 3D, CryEngine etc). I hope you find it interesting!

Space Dust Racing – Promotional Shot

SpaceDustRacing Promotional Shot

Nathan recently whipped up this promotional image using a series of in-game screenshots layered together in Photoshop. Sarge sure looks annoyed at that shark missile!

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