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Ways To Play Obliteracers Steam Trailer

Here’s our fancy new trailer showing all the different ways you can play Obliteracers with your friends. If you think it’s cool, please share/retweet!

Developer Playtest #2 – June 2015 – Space Dust Racers

Team Space Dust battle it out in a game of Survival on Clawtopia Tropic Heat. A whopping 19 minute round… perhaps we might need to pull back the score limits? 🙂

Developer Playtest #1 – May 2015 – Space Dust Racers

Developer playtest time! Watch the Space Dust dev team battle it out on NuVark in a game of Knockout:

Space Dust Racers coming to GDC 2015 + latest video

As our friends at Unreal Engine recently announced, Space Dust Racers is coming to GDC March 4-6! Here’s our latest trailer showing what kind of mayhem you can expect in the GDC build.

We’ll be at the Unreal Engine booth, #1024 South, along with several other awesome developers using Unreal Engine. We’re looking forward to battling it out with you on Clawtopia!

Space Dust Racing – Gameplay Video – September 2014

The latest gameplay footage for Space Dust Racing is here! This video represents four months of total development time, and shows 6 players over 5 physical locations battling for supremacy in Clawtopia. Are we on the right track? (Ha!) Please help us spread the word by sharing with friends, and as always feel free to leave some feedback in the comments.

About Space Dust Racing

Space Dust Racing is a work-in-progress vehicular combat party game for up to 16 players, supporting local and online multiplayer. Cartoon competitors race on exotic planets, using weapon powerups to knock each other out and score points. Those that fall behind are eliminated until one survivor remains. Rounds repeat until a winner prevails!

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