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Meet our latest Space Dust Racers map “Transporter”

We’re firm believers that the best party games keep it simple, and our latest Space Dust Racers map Transporter is no exception. Check out the gorgeous weather variations our art team has whipped up, that not only look pretty but also radically affect gameplay.

During the evening things are calm and quiet, but during heavy seas huge waves toss the entire race track around. Head into colder waters and ice on the tracks will cause racers to slip and slide their way to victory. Oh yeah, and there’s a huge foghorn!

Transporter Shot 1

Transporter Shot 2

Transporter Shot 3

Space Dust Racing – Promotional Shot

SpaceDustRacing Promotional Shot

Nathan recently whipped up this promotional image using a series of in-game screenshots layered together in Photoshop. Sarge sure looks annoyed at that shark missile!

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