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Obliteracers out now on Xbox One!


As promised in our last post, good things come to those who wait: Obliteracers is finally available on the Xbox One store! Looking forward to seeing you all in game, thanks for your patience and support.

Obliteracers out now on PSN!

Obliteracers screenshot

Hey all, warm up your thumbs – Obliteracers is finally out on PSN! Grab it from the US PSN store or the EU PSN store. The Xbox One version has been delayed by a few weeks (coming in August) due to submission shenanigans, but we’ll let you know when it’s live. Happy explodenating!

Obliteracers coming to PS4 & Xbox One in July

After our successful PC release in February, we’re thrilled to announce that Obliteracers is making its way to your living room. Our award-winning party racer will be available on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One Store for Xbox One on July 15, 2016.

Read the official press release from Deck13 Interactive here.

It’s time to warm up your couch, plug in your spare controllers, and organise a party night!

For more information, join our Facebook, Twitter or Reddit communities. Current press materials can be found here and current screenshots here. Additional information can be found on the official website.

Ways To Play Obliteracers Steam Trailer

Here’s our fancy new trailer showing all the different ways you can play Obliteracers with your friends. If you think it’s cool, please share/retweet!

A new year, a new name: Obliteracers!

Obliteracers Logo

Space Dust Racers always felt like a working title to us. It wasn’t particularly descriptive of the core gameplay, and was a little longwinded to say. From our very first public appearance at GDC 2014, we’d had chats about finding a better name, but it was always something to be swept away for a later date… we had more important things to worry about after all, like building the game!

But one dark and stormy night, Grigor burned the midnight oil flipping through a thesaurus trying to lock in on what it was that made our combat racing game great. At 3am he cried aloud “EUREKA!”… then profusely apologized to his wife for waking the baby.

We’re sure you’ll agree Obliteracers is much more on point for the combat-oriented gameplay we’re going for… we’re as much about the destruction as we are about the speed!


“Has the Obliteracers name change caused outrage and internal conflict amongst your team?” “Uh, not really, no.”

We have a lot more to talk about over the next few months as we wind up for our PC release. You can help us out by letting your friends know about the game, and if you haven’t already, follow our Steam store page so you’re notified when you can buy the game. Or don’t, I don’t care, I’m not your dad.

PS. Remember when we said we were doing early access? So yeah, about that. After a bunch of long talky meetings with lots of doodling on notepads, we kinda decided not to do that and just release instead. The reason is because we want your first experience with Obliteracers to be super awesome and slick and polished and amazing, and early access just wasn’t going to give us that experience. Call us traditionalists. So thanks for your understanding.


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