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Meet our latest Space Dust Racers map “Transporter”

We’re firm believers that the best party games keep it simple, and our latest Space Dust Racers map Transporter is no exception. Check out the gorgeous weather variations our art team has whipped up, that not only look pretty but also radically affect gameplay.

During the evening things are calm and quiet, but during heavy seas huge waves toss the entire race track around. Head into colder waters and ice on the tracks will cause racers to slip and slide their way to victory. Oh yeah, and there’s a huge foghorn!

Transporter Shot 1

Transporter Shot 2

Transporter Shot 3

Space Dust Racers – Development Update – November 2014

We’re back with another update and some pretty screenshots for Space Dust Racers. Wait, don’t I mean Space Dust Racing?

Space Dust Racers – A New Hope Logo (plus a slight name change too!)

Space Dust Racers Logo

After much discussion within the team, we felt that while racing is part of Space Dust Racers (in between the mayhem and carnage), the game is more about getting together with some chums, choosing a character, then systematically attempting to explode, bump, BBQ and shark-missile them into oblivion while trying to survive at the same time. It’s deathmatch on wheels, hence the focus on characters over the act of racing itself.

The name change also tied in nicely with a planned re-design of the logo, featured above.

Thanks to Film Victoria

Thank You Film Victoria

We also wanted to say thanks to Film Victoria for their continued support of Space Dust Racers and Victorian Game Development in general. We couldn’t make this game without their help and we are super appreciative!

Development Update

We’re currently working on an exciting new level for Space Dust Racers, however earlier this month the team worked on adding various weather and times of day to the Clawtopia level. Below are screenshots showing the original tropical morning plus the new clear night and thunderstorm versions.







Space Dust Racing – Promotional Shot

SpaceDustRacing Promotional Shot

Nathan recently whipped up this promotional image using a series of in-game screenshots layered together in Photoshop. Sarge sure looks annoyed at that shark missile!

Development Update – July 2014

Progress is continuing at a rapid rate with the gameplay, environment and vfx improving every day. Also – if you missed our last post showing early game-play footage, be sure to check it out here, but bear in mind the game looks a lot better now!


We took our Space Dust Racing milestone build to the IGDA Melbourne pitching night and got some great feedback. About 30 people wandered over and joined in the 4-player mayhem, and offered some great suggestions on things we could improve and their favourite elements.


Playing Space Dust Racing @ IGDA Melbourne meet, complete with scrappy piece of paper showing controls affixed to side of laptop

New features we’ve added include the ability to ram other vehicles off the track, auto-aiming laser sights for the turret gun, slow but sneaky homing on the smart missile, a passive shock shield which protects you from attacks and also acts as a melee weapon, and a more forgiving revision of the vehicle physics to ensure players remain in the game for longer. And thanks to Unreal Engine 4.3’s splines, we’ve added spline data for the race track, which has finally allowed us to create a silky smooth camera behaviour and easily give the AI racers some rudimentary knowledge of the track.



Latest Clawtopia shot

Clawtopia is feeling more and more like the alien tropical island we imagined in the early concept art. Pops has been heading up the creation of the terrain sculpting, plant creation/placement and it is really coming to life. As final gameplay adjustments are made to track and obstacles, the remaining white-box assets will be replaced with final art and textured mesh.

SDS Plant Concepts

Plant concepts for Clawtopia


The concepts above as fully realised assets

The vision for Clawtopia was that it should feel familiar but also alien, and that vibe is really starting to materialize. Obviously the enormous crashed flying saucer helps a bit!

SDS Saucer Ortho

Crashed Saucer production drawing


Clawtopia is Hermans’ home world, so unsurprisingly Herman will be the next Space Dust Racing character to be built. However… Grigs is first building out the geometry for his vehicle, which in keeping with his character is a fishy inspired hovering jet powered skiff (phew!). Several rounds of concepts were  created from which the final design was refined to fit similar proportions to Sarge’s tank – you can see the early progress below.

SDS Hermans Skiff

Concept / Ortho / Mesh creation process

Well… that’s it from us for this development update. Is there any part of the game you’d like us to talk about? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Space Dust Racing – First Look – Early Gameplay Footage

7 players, 5 locations & 2 months dev…

It has been crazy busy at Space Dust Central! We hit our first major milestone at the beginning of the month, and have been working hard toward our complete vertical slice. In keeping with our plan of open ongoing Space Dust Racing development, here’s some early gameplay footage.

This play-test footage from the 28th of June was recorded directly from the game with 7 players over 5 different locations (online multiplayer). Glen also recorded our Google Hangout audio stream which I overlaid on the footage. While it is still early days (just 2 months of dedicated development!), we’re really happy with how fun it is to play already. And it is totally fitting our end goal of couch racing chaos!

Screenshot 002 - 15 July 2014

We plan to have a larger general update shortly, though I’ve included a recent screenshot above as we’ve moved on since the footage was taken. As always, please post comments and we look forward to showing you more soon!

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